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I like all the pieces in my room, but it just doesn't feel right. Can you help?
Absolutely. Sometimes all it takes is a simple change in where items are placed, a tweak in wall color or a lighting adjustment. We'll work with you to find the best combination for your pieces and leave you with suggestions for how you might enhance your space even further.
We are building a new home and must make many lighting, flooring, fixtures, paint color and landscape decisions. Do you work with new construction?
Yes. We'll visit the site and review the architectural drawings, then get to know a bit about your personal tastes. We can help you make selections which will ensure that all the elements in each room of your new home flow seamlessly from one space to the next. We can even help you make decisions about how and where to place shrubs and trees, for beauty as well as privacy.
Are design services cost effective?
Let us ask you this: Have you ever painted a room only to discover afterward that the color didn't work as well as you'd hoped with the fabrics in the room? Or have you paid good money for new countertops in the kitchen and, while you loved the new counter, the cupboards suddenly looked out of place? With a little expertise, ours, you can avoid some of the common, often costly, errors in judgment that are easily made when the focus is too narrow. When we come in, we look at not only the project you have in mind, but how that project will meld with everything around it: from floors and windows to colors and light.
What is the scope of your abilities?
Everything from in-depth consultation on how to make the best 
of what you already have -- inside and out -- to changing a space entirely, complete with architectural and landscape design drawings.